Unboxing my Frida mom hospital packing kit for labor, delivery, and postpartum ! #FridaMom #postpartum #PostpartumKit. Keeps everything mom needs for each bathroom trip within reach Includes: 1 one size fits most Delivery and Nursing Gown, fits XS-XL 1-pair Labor and Delivery Socks 1 Upside Down Peri Bottle 4-Pair Disposable Postpartum Underwear Size Regular for 28-42" waist size 4 Instant Ice Maxi pads 24-Count Perineal Cooling Pad Liners. What’s Contained In The Frida Mother Hospital Kit? There are A frida that is few mom to pick from and I also went for the largest (and a lot of high priced) choice called the Hospital Packing Kit. It included: Plus, this kit carries a toiletry case making it simple to pack when it comes to medical center. The 2 products we stuffed in my own. "/>Frida mom hospital packing kit for